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From really hates variety and fun in their games, I suppose. Forcing us to use the same 2 weapons over and over again. Dagger looks like*****, this one is cooler looking and might be funnier to use if they didn't ***** it up
Mail Breaker aka Letter Opener
That's literally what I thought about, I thought it's a little knife that is used to open the letter......
parry, run a 360, riposte, gg
"Hard, edgeless sword" -description of a weapon that deals slash damage
Good for main-buff battlemage using Raw infusion. High dps.
First game this thing is actually good in.
Then you must have skipped Dark Souls 2. The Mail Breaker was way better in that game. The strong attacks had passive shield piercing and due to being recategorized as a "Thrusting Sword", the base damage was better than Dagger class weapons in general. Plus it still had insane crit and counter damage.
I've been using this on a chaos build and I have to say, this thing is a monster. Fast, decent range in the first r1, and the weapon art combos into itself. It may not be the best weapon by any means but at least results wise, I am getting very, very good results from using this as a main offense tool.
Consider the following: You're using your Baemore or some other sweet heavy weapon, but your enemy immediately gets parried. So what do you whip out to riposte them with? Dagger or Mail Breaker?

Most would think the Dagger is good enough, but IMO, it's this sucker right here. Riposte with the Mail Breaker and then 2H it to finish off the guy. Because it has a really fast version of Shield Splitter, L2 rollcatches, and its R2s can be used to rollcatch, and just braindead spamming the first R1 stab by microwalking/blocking can rollcatch. So satisfying.

(or you can just weaponswap to gundyr's after dagger riposte idk f u)
Isn't this thing based on the Japanese sai?