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"Between 2.8 and 41.7 metric tons" That's quite a big window
But God Damn would it hit like a freight train


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Probably due to the different materials you could make it out of.
1 soul. Worth it business.
Frampt is said to give low amount of souls for things he dislikes.
"Correction : To acquire, it doesn't work with ANY strike weapon. The Caestus us is technically a strike weapon, and it doesn't work with it. It has to be a hammer, like the club or the Grant.


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Yes, it is TECHNICALLY a strike weapon but IS a fist weapon
The Grant is a special weapon and does not work
It's a fist weapon that deals strike damage. Small distinction
The 1 handed heavy attack looks like the attack that you would do if you didn’t meet the strength requirement for the weapon
Had this question. So regardless of whichever weapon you use to ascend it into a boss weapon, if u used the right weapon you will get the same Boss weapon with the same stats? Just wondering cause I wanted to use one of my weapons I don’t like as much compared to a better weapon I don’t want to use.


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I'm not sure if understand what you mean but you have to upgrade a greathammer to +10 to craft this weapon which will have the stats on this wiki page it doesn't matter which greathammer you use it must be +10 on the standart path
it's mostly about the weapon class. take the weapon on this page, for instance. you can ascend any greathammer ONLY if you use regular titanite. the weapon has to be upgraded with regular titanite because it needs to be +10 for you to be able to ascend it. hope that helps!
I prefer to stick with the Dragon Greatsword. It does more damage and it has a smaller Strength requirement.
yeah but no scaling. so in the long run, smough's hammer is mostly better.
I love the idea of a hammer that's so big it covers up a considerable chunk of your screen
Sadly it does less damage then the Great Club when fully upgraded and at 60 STR. But the difference is only 20 damage, so it doesen't matter that much.
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