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Literally everything i do does not work when it comes to illusion walls. They never open for me in this game. But anybother souls game, they work
Much like Dark Souls 1, the secret is to hit them in this game, whereas in Dark Souls 2 you had to interact with them. Your weapon will go right through, and the wall will disappear if you hit the right wall.



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if you are following in-game player sign messages indicating an illusory wall, 50% are trolls, follow a real guide to where the walls are
That’s because you’re a moron. Pretty basic stuff.
The dialog is actually coming from a nest on the roof. Similar to Dyna and Tillo from DS2.
That balcony with the crystal lizard right before the two pontiff knights walking together, after the first two fire witches. Right side of thr balcony is a stairs that leads to the crying evangelist. Gives a powerful Gnaw miracle
i actually found that one by myself, i felt pretty good about it too
An irithyll knight is behind this one. It's to the left, of the building, after where there are ghost books lying on the ground
There is another one here right near the individuals books on the floor that attack you. A few levels up
There´s another ilusory wall in the untended graves, in the place where the miracles vendor should ne.
That's what it said. Irina of Carim is 'the miracle vendor'
Illusion Ahead
From the poo poo gate, head up and then take a pee on the lord of cinder. From that point head down then left than left again. You'll come across a big pee pee pile of poo. After demolishing that take 2 lefts 3 ups and 9 downs. Upon reaching the illusory wall, go up twice more than take 3 u-turns. Take a pee than a poo than slash the illusory wall 2 million times than do 7 more u-turns. After all that effort go kill yourself.
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I couldn't find the wall.



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Are you old enough to play dark souls?
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there is another illusionary wall in smouldering lake , you have just to go in the right of the boss' wall , when you are in the ramp that lead down , watch on the right , there will be two tunnel , and you have to take the left one , and just hit the wall at the end of the tunnel ( in front of you )
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