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I wonder if anyone notice this the tower knight shield.
its not, this shield is from DS2 i am sure i saw a NPC holding this, is mostly a design reference but its not because DES and DS are diferent universes, so is just areference, isnt even too similar is just the shape
"Rythmical laugh"
At low SL this is the ultimate turtle. Magic Shield and Untrue Dark Ring, Lingering Dragoncrest Ring and maybe HORNET RING. I love to use it to protect people of filthy twinks, by being the filthiest of them all.
Fully upgraded got 85 stability. With with quite low endurance you can block almost any attack.
I don't know if this is interesting or helpful to anyone but 2-handing this while blocking will tank the machine gun bow glitch without breaking your guard
Big brain move: Quickly unequip the shield during fights when running low of stamina.


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"A greatshield adorned with flowing patterns,
a celebration of an ancient glory.
Boasts the highest stability of such shields,
but with reduced stamina regeneration speed.
Perhaps it is glory that begets such indolence."
Miyazaki's lamenting note on the franchise as a whole at this point.