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If I may just say something. I'm not too sure if this creed has the best healing in the game but it does heal at a fast pace from what I can remember. Yes we have to deal with corruption but I would say before the corruption affects you, all you must do is turn the other sanctions into your creed. Then later on, you only have to deal with sanctuaries that are by default a different creed. You won't lose your offerings this way, and you get certain spells that may be beneficial. I mean. If the spells are all you're in it for. Just be in a creed that you dislike before hand and then afterwards. Join the creed you wish to be in
Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!
NO NEED to join this creed! Playing as a "Pure Mage" on patch I wanted the Dark spells so made my way to this creed. The merchant sold me all the dark spells before I even rested at their shrine! So I got all I wanted out of them without taking their oath and dealing with the hassle of losing my rank in my other creed.
Good to know. Irrationally sentimental people like me rejoice
Yeah, this is false. Maybe it got patched or maybe you're just wrong...but at least on PS4 (as of 6-22-20), simply answering "yes" to the NPC and receiving the key changes your creed to Betrayer.
Speaking for PC, I can also confirm that this is false. The Oath for the Betrayers is made with the NPC that asks you for the Bloody Writ, as noted by how you will receive their icon from him in addition to the key that gives you access to their sanctuary. As of August, 2020, patch, this is how it works. You cannot get in to the creed's room without taking the oath. As long as you don't have a Bloody Writ on you, the NPC will continue to ask you for it no matter how much you say no. But once you give it to him, he will only ever ask once if you will join them, and if you say no you're locked out.
A lot of this info is incorrect: 1. You Do not need to be killed by an NPC to obtain a Bloody Writ I was just killed by a Sanctuary guardian and recieved one. Following the wik's advice leads to a needless waste of Stone NPCs. 2. You do not have one chance to join this Creed this is also incorrect. I went down talked to the guy and didn't have a Writ so I said No spoke with him again to make sure I wasn't locked out and was offered the choice again had to say no but then I went and got a Writ and selected Yes and they let me in just fine
that's probably because you didn't have the writ the first time you spoke to him. if you have the writ and speak to him, he immediately asks you the question and you have to decide right then and there if you will say yes, this is your only chance. it can catch you by surprise if you talk to him the first time and he says he wants the writ and the you go get it and come back and are immediately asked the question and aren't ready for it. you have to say yes at that moment, because he won't ask again
this is the best creed by FAR. once you defile a sanctuary, give the expunged heart to the leader and get the flasks of defilement. THIS ITEM IS BROKEN, it makes enemies have 0 defenses, and you also deal +25% damage to them. If you have 2 handed jaws of death fully upgraded, 31 strength or above and you toss a flask you'll be able to one-shot EVERY enemy, and 3 shot most bosses. I literally just tossed it at nameless god and did 5 heavy attacks and he died before my stamina ran out. its so broken.
Even better than goldwine???
100% no doubt agree, almost a required item if you plan on using a weapon with mainly elemental damage because it might well more than triple your damage in those cases
I'd argue that it depends on your overall stats. I am in ng13 and the buff of the golden wine is immeasurably valuable, considering nearly everything will mangle you otherwise. Flask is great if your stats are still low though.
Man i gotta try that!
It occurs to me that the reason The Betrayers unique creed item the Flask of Defilement is a debuff item used on enemies, instead of a self-buff item like most creed items, is because the dark magic found exclusively with the creed puts a massive defence debuff on yourself for casting it, which would overwrite a buff effect like Golden Wine.
golden wine is good for pure melee builds, flask of defilement is good for clerics, for all ng+.
When you betray the betrayer.
When the betrayer is sus
This creed should be visited last, as it's meant to EXPUNGE EVERYTHING! From all of the expunged hearts for devotion, to the healing potion generating corruption, you're meant to have a lot on your permanent record. So make sure to either go here last, or have quite a lot of appointments with the candlelit lady.
Kinda fun to see the whole creed take on "flood the whole world with blood dundunduuuun" actually somewhat grounded in gameplay, tho i don't think it's a Gameplay Mechanic Masterfully Entwined WIth Lore By Developers, just a nice coincidence. Or not. Anyway, the point is: you need to desecrate sanctuaries populated by other creeds to raise devotion for Order. On NG, by the time you'll reach their sanctuary, you''ll populate almost every unclaimed one with any other creed. There's a lot of hearts to be expunged in a mildly boring and repetitive fight copypasted for each creed and sanctuary! Okay, done, you start NG+ with this character. Rewards for devotion ranks carry over into NG+, but ranks themselves don't. Most of the sanctuaries in NG+ will be unclaimed, means you have only 6 "home sanctuaries" of another creeds to desecrate on each subsequent NG+ cycle. Or you can abandon the Order, populate the unclaimed sanctuaries with other creed, then re-join Order and desecrate them, but that's entirely pointless, since you'll lost all your devotion rewards from NG.
In conclusion, remember that if you're planning to amass the devotion-rewarded consumables from Order (which is rational, since they're awesome), your only real chance to turn the Island into a bloodbath for non-believers is the cycle that you're joined them on. On subsequent cycles it'll degrade into poking a fancy skull into unclaimed altar over and over again.