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Can get Storm Lightning from The Three as well, have devotion 4 and you can buy it. At least I did.
So I hit a knight with a sword and let him hit me ok I am not dead then I heal!! I cast dark swarm it hits him then I let him hit me and boom every time he one shots me after the incantation!! So are incantations supposed to leave you so vulnerable after casting or does your defense come back after a minute or what??
Most dark spells massively decrease your resistances for a short time to offset their power. Using one hits you with the same debuff that flasks of defilement give
i was just wondering where rock shield is


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if you use dark spells or incantations they will do a lot of damage usually but they also have a drawback, they put a Debuff on you that reduces your resistance (you can't see it on your defense list) the debuff applied is similar to flask of defilement
Very interesting! Have you tested this?
It also applies the same bleeding effect.
why there is no class 5 spell ?
i mean , did i miss something?
is there any class 5 spell?
nope. none at all.
The guardian blade...
The Guardian Blade is a class 5 prayer, not a class 5 spell. There is, as far as I can tell, no class 5 spell or incantation.
Thay don t exist
Where is Rock Shield? It sounds like a spell every mage needs to protect themselves judging by the name alone.
Rock Shield its not a spell, its an incantation, and therefore, you can find it in the incantation section.
I think it would've been a sheild that blocks your whole player, nullifying any damage for a few hits until it breaks. This would've been a cool incantation to see added to the game. A shame it wasn't added to the final game. It would've been fun to use.
From what I've seen in game incantations seem to scale off your weapons unmodified physical damage so in theory a pure melee build with minimum magic investment can out damage a pure caster with 50 magic and the best staff available provided the spell is a incantation(with the exception of arcane weapon and venomous blade which scale with the magic stat itself not sure about poison gas) if that's true incantations(and probably some prayers) are more suited for hybrid or pure str/dex characters then pure magic/wisdom ones... How wonderfuly strange (sorry for the great wall of text)
Two years late. But I just tested this.
Used a save editor to pile on over 500 levels of salt onto a level 1 Pauper. Along with Wildfire.
Leveled the bare minimum to be able to cast Wild Fire. With the starting axe in hand Zombies take 31 damage
Edit in a Jaws of Death. Try wild fire again. 31 damage.
I level up strength to soft cap 34. Wild fire again, does 31 damage to the zombies on the shivering shore.

Looks like this isn't true, unless someone still paying attention wants to do more indepth testing.
Did the following test: equipped northern cross VII twohanded, with 50 mag and 30 str, and cast a Lightning storm for 73 damage. I then equipped blacksmith gloves and damage changed to 75. I removed gloves and ring to lower str to 27 and damage of lightning storm went down to 71. I tried then with northern cross one handed with cocoon battledore offhand, damage of spell lightning storm went up to 93. I repeated same test with black widow alone and damage was 65. With black widow and wand, damage was again 93. I tried with buff arcane weapon with both northern cross alone, then black widow, then dualwielding with wand, and the damage stayed the same. Lastly I equipped warhammer, which was having an higher physical attack but not total attack compared to northern cross, and damage of lightning storm was higher at 85.

My conclusion is: damage of incantations are affected by PHYSICAL total attack of weapon equipped, but offhand weapon is prioritized. The elemental damage portion of the weapon like arcane, fire, poison, lightning and holy is not taken in account in this calculation, but only the physical attack scaled by STR and MAG (I presume with WIS and DEX also?). Weapon buffs does not affect this calculation, but stat increasing equipment is effective. Note that staves and wands attack is physical damage, not elemental, so a spellcaster with only MAG can cast effective incantations. Maybe the only buff that would affect this would be goldenwine?

Lastly all these tests found out that with Prayers nothing affect its damage, only WIS.
for some reason when i use flashfire i can keep casting it long after having run out of focus.
it does so at greatly reduced damage, but yeah you can keep casting it as long as you have stamina