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Feel like magic is so bad balanced... I've been playing the game twice (as a tank and a badass hunter), but the mage feels so shabby... Any suggestion?
There are four main ways to play the mage, honestly this class can be played many different ways. I`m going to list them from easiest to hardest, to master in my opinion.

For any Mage build your going to want to get as many focus potions as possible. You can get these in your skill tree as well from the stone leader you can summon in your shrine. This will refill your magic.

1. Battle Mage; Light armor/heavy which ever fits your play style. I recommend light armor, Staff as main, great sword for parries and (blocks) but remember no shield equals crappy block. works well with one hand and shield as back up, but get your endurance up enough so you can still be agile. Your going to want lots of magic, stamina/focus and endurance to still be agile with the great sword. The black widow is perfect great sword because it`s very strong and scales off your magic, grab at least lv 1 Cleric for armor buff and heals.

2. Hybrid Mage, you like to cats spells but you also like to get your hands dirty. One hand and wand, use both hands to mix up combos. if done right this will give you an auto evade backwards, giving you a chance to release spells, i would grab of the cleric skills giving you defensive buffs to take some of those hard hits. one hand and shield to block when need be. But really and truly be quick on your feet.

3. Wizard/Witch; I call it this because you are going to use both Magic/Cleric tree lines. Prayers will give you some extra buffs and attacks. Light armor, magic, stamina/focus, staff as main, one hand and wand as back up.

4. Sorcerer; Full magic, light armor, lots of magic, stamina/ focus for evades and endless spells. get the rings to suit your endless spells. Staff as main, one handed weapon and wand for close call. Keep your distance, shoot them wen they jump at you and it will stop them in the air, this works for some bosses as well. get as many focus potions as possible.
Play the mage, as soon as you get wildfire and lightning barrage you get really good damage, plus there's also the rings that help with damage
It's a shame that there's no fire or lightning weapon incantation. Literally you use fire and sky in your spells, but you can't channel it in your weapon! It's just that simple! I can even do it in real life by using oil and tazers! Inconsistencies all around!