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Following bosses are also optional
-The Queen of Smiles
-Kraekan Cyclops
-That Stench Most Foul
-The Disemboweled Husk
-Carsejaw the Cruel
i did some testing with two characters and the false jester and the kreakan cyclops are "optional" killing either allows you to skip the other, so one of them of your choice is mandatory
are we going to ignore the fact that a good portion of the """mandatory""" bosses are in fact optional?

-Queen of Smiles
-Kraekan Cyclops or Jester (one skips the other)
-Stinky boi
-Gun bro
-Carsejaw the Pushover
There are 2 paths of progression after Kraeken Wyrm- Tree of Men, Disemboweled Husk, and That Stench Most Foul. The other one is Untouched Inquisitor, Third Lamb, and Dried King.
I tried to correct the mandatory and optional bosses, but due to the sites coding I can't rearrange the pictures. I instead added an asterisk system which is explained at the beginning of the wiki page. Sorry for not editing sooner.
This game has a crazy difficulty curve. Its difficult then it's not and then its difficult and then it's not.

I love it anyway.

It's almost like karma. You cheese the bosses, and some of them cheese you.