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75600 Salt recieved with no rings on
I was wondering if the fact you lose once to a boss lower the salt gain? I just got only 2500 salt from her on NG!
the 7 million salt is for ng+7
I think she is an optional boss. My first run I didn't meet her until after I cleared the Bloodless Prince. Needless to say she was a pathetic fight
Idk I think she had some important thing

But I never leave a area without fully exploring
Yeah, you can get past her. I managed to do it by falling into the trees and almost dying.
If you have a shield with 100% Strike, Slash, and Pierce (from the blacksmith) the only annoying thing about her is her large hp pool early on
I oft times can't dodge past her when fighting her.
very easy when you use the holy damage pine resin, yes I'm a dark souls player and I forgot this item's name lmao.
What's the deal with the pumpkin helmet? It's description says she's afraid of it but the fight didn't change much at all for me.
Someone on Reddit said that at the beginning of the fight she usually charges towards you, but when you wear the helmet she runs away. I haven't tested it myself, but it sounds plausible. And yes, I know I'm replying more than a year and a half late.
Just keeping the tradition of delayed responses alive. About two years since last post.
Is she based on the Lady of Pain from Dungeons and Dragons?