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I can't find anywhere on the site that says so, but I assume rings don't stack with identical rings?



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I don't think you can equip two of the same ring.
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A little late, but you can indeed equip identical rings. When experimenting, I've actually found that rings that affect resistances stack. There are still diminishing returns on the defenses of course.
i wear three defenders rings and they stack. total of 150 strike damage
yes you can stacks multiple same ring, but it doesnt work for every ring : those who give only pure stats (ex:willpower or slash resist) stacks, rings which add a "unique" effect like reduce focus costs, reduce wounding,etc dont stacks
Very late, but yes, you can stack rings. I have like 3 fused metal rings(Friend gave me one, and yes, i'm on NG+), just so I can wear the overlord set and have the scharficshter or what ever. And also ^^^ yes you can wear two of the same rings. Can confirm.
The image you use here for the Goldenstone Ring is incorrect. It uses the Defender`s Ring image instead. The correct image is on the Goldenstone Ring`s page.
Já ia comentar exatamente isso! Estava até dando zoom na página para ver se conseguia ver a diferença entres os dois. Ai cliquei no Goldenstone e vi. Estava até assustada achando que ia ter que voltar lá para buscar kkkk
Do rings stack?
Only the rings with stat increases (like charged ring) stack.



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The Bloodluster's Ring (useless), Sparkling Power (healing power doesn't work), Mossy Ring (stamina regen rate doesn't increase) & Burning Sky Ring (the incantation reduced effect doesn't work). Full of craps lmao if u ask me and add Ragged Set which gives you stamina regan rate when equipping full set of those.
Mossy ring works, it does NOT stack with same bonus given by other items, since the bonus is given through a condition, and that's why a small icon appears next to your carried gold indicator. In your case, you either equip that ring or the Frayed Sugegasa.
So many rings were removed :( why the heck? I could definitely use the stone ring.
Please add another column for which ring does stack and not!
what is the best set of rings?
Depends on the playtime. What playtime do you have?
*playstyle sry