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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I put same weapon in both slots and attack then switch and attack without mossy charm and the speed seems identical. Any confirmation that this actually helps?
Yes although it's only a 10% increase but it's a noticeable difference on slower weapons at least.
like the blade of envy
I've been using it religiously with a tachi and while I cant give you hard numbers, there's a noticeably difference when I take it off
It does absolutely nothing with a frame by frame analysis.
% ?
10% from what i've heard. I know it's quite a late answer but for everyone else that wants to know. though i'm not sure so i'm not putting it on the wiki.
What's up with this useless location information? Where do I find it?
After Queen of Smiles, take the exit to watching woods past Fern; climb the first set of platforms
Its under the room with the crimson clothes
Observations :
A Slow Hitter equipped with the Mossy charm swings slower than the standard speed of its weapon class.
A Fast Hitter swings quicker than its normal counterparts equipped with a Mossy charm.

Conclusion :
The Mossy charm's effect isn't as powerful as the Fast Hitter property and cannot completely negate the Slow Hitter property.