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Is it possible to get all ending in one playthrough
Essentially, although endings D (or C, depending on what you pick) and E could be considered an exception. Those require an alternate choice at the very end, but the game lets you jump straight to that point after beating it once, so you'd only have to re-fight 1 battle to get the other endings.
What do you mean with "one playthrough" of course you need to do at least 4 runs and then do some stages again bc after you get an ending the game ends
Strange, I just finished the game with endings A,B,C and E (and others). I tried to do D but even though I did everything on it, it put me straight to the bullet hell credits scene.

Oh well, still worth it.
This happened to me too.
So there is one more ending courtesy of the DLC. You need to finish the machine combat arena (the one in the forest).
Just finish all endings...n there is again one secret ending..for this 1st u need to complete mysterious letter quest after that mysterious invitation...after completing mysterious invitation u'll get secret ending ∆.
It's not really a secret ending its just a symbol, that you've cleared the DLC
I know probably there is no direct answer to this but is "flowers for the m[A]chine" a reference to Drakengard 1 ending Branch B "flowers for the [B]roken spirit" ?
I thought of Flowers for Algernon... but idk.
I thought it's NieR - Drakengard reference because Ending E of Automata (the [E]nd of yorha) and Branch E of Drakengard (the End of the dragon sphere) is like a reference too and also Ending E of Drakengard is Directly Connected with NieR World since it leads to NieR events. Maybe both flowers for the mAchine and the Broken Spirit can be reference to Flowers for Algernon.
What's the difference between q and x ending when I go to complete the x ending I get the q ending. Seem to be the same in the description
ending x is with A2 and ending q is with 9S
Delete all your saves jesus...
For Ending W, just trigger the self destruct function when you come back to Chapter select. This may be not be possible in the first run since it's automatically disabled at first.