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The "ranks worth keeping" data is also wrong. That only considers levelling up chips to diamond (or near diamond) rank at the next level. However if you intend to attain a diamond level 8 chip you can use a lot of higher rank chips at the lower levels to achieve that. Here is one example (there are other variations) of getting a Diamond Level 8 chip (every = shows the set of chips required at the next lower rank to fuse into the required chips of the rank above: 8[21] = 1x7[17] + 1x7[18] = 3x6[14] + 1x6[16] = 4x5[11] + 3x5[12] + 1x5[16] = 11x4[9] + 3x4[11] + 1x4[12] + 1x4[16] = 15x3[7] + 11x3[8] + 3x3[12] + 3x3[14] = 41x2[6] + 11x2[8] + 3x2[9] + 9x2[13] = 55x1[5] + 41x1[6] + 11x1[10] + 21x1[12] = 96x0[4] + 55x0[5] + 41x0[7] + 11x0[8] + 53x0[11] So as you can see, you can still use 53 of the highest rank level 0 chips to fuse into a diamond level 8 chip. This also means ones you pick up can be useful until higher ranks so only sell L5 rank 17 & up, L6 rank 17 & up and L7 rank 19 & up.
Not enough Invetory Space. And u have to work with what actually drops. If one wants to calc. a tree like that over and over. Its called "ranks worth keeping" not "ranks possible whit". It may be incomplet, not wrong.
How to pass rank 99 of the CLEAR Colosseum, I need advice and everything you have please, that level is impossible
Hey sorry a bit late! Use A2 with offensive heal on b mode and definitely overclock, taunt up, attack up if you have an 80 or 100% and then the rest is up to you honestly shockwave is pretty useful and I liked using a reset chip with a damage absorb because no matter one any in that challenge will one shot you therefore the only way to survive a hit is with those chips. Have patience and don’t lose your momentum if you think you got far try again. You will fail many times the key is never giving up take breaks but just know what your getting yourself into it’s about a 10-15 min battle with quality chipset. Good luck!