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Quite *****ed up isn't it?
If it'd be up to me, I'd reset them both. Surprised 9S didn't at least propose that, if not outright did it. That was, after all, exactly what both of them asked...


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Created an account just to said how bugged and awfully made this quest is
It worked for my on the first try after completing the game
To quote 9s: Women can be pretty scary sometimes.
It's ****ing 9s who said this. Take his word for it. This whole quest is foreshadowing... You know.
It isnt working anymore after you get to the missile not after talking to Anemone
this is so stupid that it ends after the missile quest starts, if this is your first run and you didn't want to spoil where locations were and find them for yourself by following the story, you wouldn't know about the tunnel until you start the quest, so that means you won't be able to fully do the quest except in another playthrough or whatever
Some people do this thing called exploring the new area as soon and the gain access to it