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You have to deliver the final hit with a lightning weapon to obtain the Orange version of LIghtning.

However, you can use a non-lightning weapon for the fight, as long as you switch to a lightning weapon for the final strike
I just beat him with the DLC weapon “Between”. It states fire and lightning damage. However a blue weapon was dropped. Sucks. Must be hard coded with main game weapons.
He only stuns if you're facing him at the moment of explosion, regardless of where you're standing. You can easily verify it by just turning away (the character, not the camera) and it does nothing. Don't forget to run away from the beam afterwards though ;p
Nice Tip, thanks. I didnt know that. I managed to use eletrical resitence porsion.
What’s the challenge? You didn’t put the challenge on the last Rhogar boss.
you have to beat him using an electric element weapon