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None of these weapons even have colors... That's pretty lame. Patterns might be interesting, but it's nothing until it gets color.
In-game they do have color.
M8. It's the aesthetic of the game - monotone colours. If you don't like it, eff off
Just need list or videos on how to find all the rare items/materials needed to fully upgrade the weapon(s). For example, where can I find a lot of machine arms.
You can buy them from pascal latter in the game
The pit of endless enemies where you first fight Adam.
Can be bought at the amusement parc.
Finish the mission of wiping pascals memories (endgame only as A2)
9s also has heavy attacks. Pausing after an strike makes him do the heavy attack and it lasts for the heavy attack number of its. He also has a 2nd form of charge. Hold hack>immediately into hold attack makes him do this attack.
Man, I remember Fextralife being here way back when dark souls was a cult hit. I love that it's still a thing.
Its so nice to see it going strong after all these years.
funny, since for darksouls the * is far superior. there is so much argueing and misinformation on the DS fextralife.
How is dark souls a culthit really? I mean it is very succesfull, Demon souls maybe, because it was exclusive to ps3 but if you want to go cult on fromsoft go for the KingsField series and check out the mechanics and badguys, you'll discover how far back the development goes till dark souls became a thing.