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Up until 1999,I was in the body of a little white girl growing up with Polio. I was doing good,but I had to have shots in my backside every two months. A neighbor came to my family's apartment,with all this information and stuff. There is a place on Morningside Drive,a rehabilitation center for kids and teenagers on one side,and 24and up on the other side. My parents and my youngest older brother and my sister,went to check it out. When my sister and brother went to look at something, after being told to watch me,I took off one of my special crutches, grabbed the banister, and I was doing good, until the banister separated. I Fell in the recreational swimmingpool. I woke up with my parents and people looking down at me,blacked out, woke up again int the body of a brown skinned woman (I was in the body of a 6year old). I'm still the same soul. Now,my body and me,the soul,are both 28 this year in March it was. I can get back into my body, and get pulled out of it. Something won't let me stay there. Is there anyone who can help me get back into my body and stay there?