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Cant find this One...Have put 2 hours om it!!
i found it. its there. i was just trying to farm fishes to sell and i got it. I was there for a couple of hours. best bet entertain yourself with something else while you fish.
sooner or later it comes out, the best thing is to be doing other things while fishing, while I try to fish I answer to you :v
Can someone show a spot in the oasis where they got this fish? Coz it's taking me forever to catch this!! Getting frustrated over this *****ing fish.



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It's all RNG. You are just getting unlucky.
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I JUST GOT IT. I was playing as A2 in the Oasis. Specifically Chapter 17-03. That's all I can tell you. Good luck and don't give up!


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Its just RNG. Maybe you are not lucky to get it. Try hard and you will finally catch it. It took me 7 hours to get this fish.



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101 fish caught at the oasis, not a single beetle fish. Screw it, I give up.
I feel you.
i'm caught her when standing beside the soldier yorha
only 8 aro, more than 99 killi, 52 carp, 47 koi and 3 hours + before get it
I gotas it fishing next to the droid after 20+ castings.


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Caught it first try. F*** all y'all whiny b******.
I've been at it for an hour and yet I haven't cought that GOD DAMN FISH!!!
You can get it very easily by fishing as close to the sand as possible. in the front where you take the picture between the 2 palm trees. I got mine in 15 mins slightly to the right by that palm tree. I tried for hours and Googled it some kid said he got it in 5. It works. I had a feeling before I read it cause it's a Beatle and the sand and water blend but I was all over the place. Once i fished just the edge i got it right away.
worked for me, got within 10 mins. thanks!
Can confirm this method works strangely enough. Just walked up and got it on my second cast lol
It worked for me as well. Thanks.
It still works. You are a SAINT <3
Still works, HERO gracias.
Are you fishing close to the androïde corpse ?