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You recieve 2 elaborate gadgets for clearing 46 stages in arcade mode
That's a big ask. I got to 20.
After I finally finished the Pod upgrades, I was just at the oasis catching fish and I got an elaborate gadget under a palm tree.
My favourite farming route: chapter 16-01, transport to City Ruins: Near the Tower, climb the tower's ladder, glide from the top to the arch structure; transport to Forest Castle: Royal Chamber, turn left and reach the King's cradle. Repeat.
Very seldom does the elaborate gadget appear in the cradle at the royal chamber. I'd say about 1 out of every 8 save/reloads. (15%)
WAY less than that. I gave up after 2 hours. Maxed my crystals. Fair bit of gold ore, medium and small recovery. 2 simple gadgets. 0 elaborate gadgets. I'm convinced there is some sort of hidden mechanic at play regarding this. It's not possible for my RNG to simply have been that bad - that's bull****.
The best farming spot for simple and elaborate gadgets is the underground Colosseum. The elevator behind the water fall in the forest. There are multiple spawns in that area. Clear it. Take the elevator back up. Take it back down repeat.
you’re full of shet , is not true
I can confirm this - specifically found elaborate gadget at the spawn by the chest.
I can confirm that this indeed works. The exact spot where it spawns differs each run (when it does spawn, most trips down don't have it), but it is a random drop. For example the first time I got one it spawned in the room from the right of the elevator, while one of the other guys said his spawned near a chest.
Above comment is mine. Followup: Took me about 20-30 min to get 3 elaborate gadgets using this method. All three at different spots in the colosseum, but they were there.
Found one around here with the scanner
5 elaborate gadgets are rewarded for the Reconnaissance mission
This is the most terrible thing they could have done. What purpose does serve to have ultra rare materials needed for basic upgrades that won't give you much of an edge. What does it add to the game? Nothing. Not only is it RNG but you have only one chance at it and then you reload the game to refresh the drop. Is this the experience they wanted to give us? This grind is even worse than that of World of Warcraft and that says a lot. This is a very poor and shameful deed on their part. Sloppy.
Readed all comments. Nothing helping. Need two more...
You can farm both the elaborate and complex gadget with the 3rd challange in the Underground Colisseum if you have the dlc.
Oh my God thank you. You saved me HOURS


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Just keep trying if you don’t get it. The rewards are random but I got like four out of six or seven attempts.
Dude, i loooooove you, like the oithers, you saved me hours of farming, really really thanks!
Worked for me: 90lvl, got 3 elaborate gadgets in 10 games. I picked mostly the big guy, cause it give fastest win