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For the past couple of weeks I have had constant frame drops and stuttering while playing the game. I have tried all possible solutions found in other forums and tried everything I can think of from reinstalling drivers to reinstalling game and messing with Nvidia Control Panel. Nothing seems to work and its seemingly random when the drops happen. If anyone has any idea what it is any help would be appreciated.
Sorry I can't offer a solution to this, but I'm just replying to say that I'm having the exact same issue, and I've also tried every fix I could find but nothing has worked so far. Weird that the issue is coming up now of all times. I thought mine was just a one-off thing that nobody else was having problems with. Maybe it'll magically fix itself on January 1st, when 2020 is finally over.
This is also happening to me. Tried googling and found a LOT of people with the same exact issue but stuff that helped some of them hasnt worked for me.
Using an Xbox One controller with microsoft wireless dongle. Really wonder if it just has something to do with that cause other people said that's what they were using too.

Feel like its a driver thing

Every idk, couple min maybe, the fame freezes for about 1 sec, unfreezes for about, 2 sec, then freezes again for about .5 sec. This happens consistently. I can still play but its really annoying especially when it happens at the wrong time or in PVP.

I've messed with disabling HID/USB stuff in device manager, completely unplugging mouse and keyboard and just using the controller, resetting internet settings via windows settings, turning off internet play in the game.

Any new things to try would be appreciated.
Same here.. Found a solution yet?