I've played through around 15-16 times. I've had to move saves to make more room on my hard drive lol. Usually regarding who I take is obviously Varric, but I usually bring my sib and Fenris.

The reason behind this is becuase I mostly figure with killing off my sib then having mom go by act 3 she's alone. That impacts how she'll react when the final battle comes round.

Plus when you kill your sib and then have Varric kill Bartrand you have a better reason to tell Fenris not to kill his sib. Or you can be just angry and tell her that she deserves what she gets. But Varric will use Fenris' name when convincing him not to kill Varania. I don't like to send Bethany to the circle becuase of the abuses. And Carver going to the templars is to me at least the biggest betrayal, and he's a bigger jerk when he's a warden. Can you just imagine he's still not known as Carver Hawke Grey Warden, he's always the Champains brother ha! So I kill them off. Mostly becuase when Fenris's alone quest pops up and he says he's alone and I tell him that he has me I get a better feeling that he believes that I understand him more.

I don't like Ander's reaction to Sandal in the deep roads either. I've never brought any of the other party members to the deep roads. Just Ander's, Varric, Sibling, and Fenris.

Oh! And when you don't have a living sibling someone from your party will be kidnapped instead I like to have the surprise. Fenris is usually in my party at all times so I wonder who will be kidnapped this time.

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Depends on which class I'm playing.

For mage:

Carver - he needs to die so I can rescue Isabela/Merrill in Act 3
Varric - obvious reasons
Merrill/Isabela - either one works

For rogue/warrior

Aveline/Fenris - if rogue
Isabela - if warrior

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I never take Bethany because she really doesn't seem all that keen to go.  I left Carver behind once but it makes more sense to me to bring him.

Then either:
Anders, Merrill, or sibling.

Depends on my Hawke really.
Carver and Anders. Carver because he really, really wants to go, and Anders because I decided to take all precautions, for my mother's sake.
^ Same here. I just can't say no to Carver LOL. Anders was a Grey Warden- why wouldn't anyone bring him?

Bethany may not appear eager at first, but if you decide to bring her, she's obviously excited about it. "It's the Darkspawn or the Templars mother. At least I'm allowed to fight Darkspawn!" You go get 'em sister!

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But then her life is ruined. Which is why, if I have her, I keep her at home.
First time:

Bethany: Thought she'd be safer with Hawke than in a city full of crazed templars. Plus she seemed to want to go.
Anders: He's a warden, seemed silly not to bring him. He was also my main healer, if that's an rp reason.

Didn't even know about the sibling/warden thing at the time, so it was quite a lucky set-up (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it). On all my subsequent runs I've started with a specific ending in mind so they don't really count rp wise.
Hmm. Depends.
I always take Fenris, you have to take Varric. I took LivingTwin plus Anders in two playthroughs to see them both as gray wardens, and I have left LivingTwin behind twice to see how they do as Templar/Circle Mage.

I'm only now getting to a playthrough where I take livingTwin but not Anders.

Interesting that Carver seems happier as a GW than a Templar and Bethany is happier as a Circle Mage than a GW.
Varric is mandatory, of course.
As for siblings, if I have Bethany, I always take her and Anders... mainly because she's better off becoming a Grey Warden than remaining behind only to be captured and imprisoned in the Circle. I always take Anders because he's necessary to save Bethany.

On the other hand, if I have Carver, I always take Carver but NOT Anders... it sounds cruel, but I let him die in the Deep Roads because he's such an a**hole and my least favorite character. As for alternate companions with Carver (instead of Anders)... it depends on who I want to romance or add friendship/rivalry points to... usually Isabella, sometimes Merrill, rarely Fenris.