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I was very unpleased to see that guns in NG+ don't carry very well. This class 5 gun, at level 7, cannot 1 shot anything in NG+. I'm a level 157 hunter with 106 Dex and now leveling beyond is useless because my attack goes only by 0.1 each time I put a skill in Dex. Even bats take 2 shots, and since you don't get more gold from enemies, bullets are coming in slow and going fast.
Please let me be wrong!
@TAPETRVE not ALL guns in Bloodborne worked that way. In fact, many were too slow to be used for reactive "parries" and some couldn't do that at all... i.e. the cannons.



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Guns are support weapons, not primaries. They're supposed to enable a Bloodborne-like reactive playstyle.
Tin cans skitter the ground,
Mimic the sound
Of Brass Dogs barking.

The Brass Dogs are barking.
The Brass Dogs,
The Brass Dogs are barking.
Allegedly the Flint&Steel ranged attack is the most powerful pistol attack in the game, afaik.
If they can't one-shot anything it doesn't mean that they don't carry very well in NG+. Yes, their damage fails in comparrison to the damage of the two-handed swords, but they have other things to compensate for this. Longer range, convenient spammability and ability to get those nasty floating bosses (damn you, Witch of the Lake!!!), for example. Besides, relying on your gun only is handicapping yourself - some bosses are easier fought with main-hand melee weapon (The Dried King, The Third Lamb and Hager to name a few...), and there are still dangerous enemies falling for staggering (wrathfull dead and those flying mages that appear when you desecrate a sanctuary).

Currently finishing my first NG+ as a Hunter with Order of the Betrayer as my creed (desecrating flasks are OP): lvl 191, i have 100 endurance total with ring for fast-roll in my practically fully upgraded Grim Justacorp set with Jagged Crown instead of Grim Veil for extra ATK (to save up the slot for extra ring instead of the bloodflower one, as it doesn't stack +ATK), and 101 dex with rings included, and all black pearls will be dumped there in future. Also, 14 Willpower that i got from the skill-tree as prerequsites. All other stats are fives, unnecessary +STR skills were unlearned with Grey Pearls. For weapons i have Mosaic Culverin VII and Steel Centipede VII - both are S-class scaling dex weapons that benefit greatly from stat-raising after the soft-cap of 50. Finaly learned to reliably farm The Three in The Crypt of Dead Gods for tons of salt, now walking around the map looking for sanctuaries to desecrate before going into NG+2.

So yeah, guns are good, but practice makes them perfect.
Very few things can one-shot even bats in NG+
Ty I’ll take it into note



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The info on this page says you're able to purchase this weapon from any of the blacksmiths, but I looked through the pages about creeds and I couldn't find it. I'm guessing that bit of info is merely a placeholder, and this pistol can only be acquired through transmutation.
After Transmuting a Rank VII pistol to this one, it required a Drowned Tome getting back to VII, aka "Drowned" upgrade path as seen on other items.
It's just me or this one is ugly asf? ~~
I actually think it's the coolest looking one.
1 word: bloodborne

*sees a gun irl* wow they really copied this from bloodborne

*sees a wolf in a zoo* ugh, shamelessly ripped from bloodborne

*shot by a mugger* cant believe this was stolen from bloodborne :/
For a class 5 , this gun look so ugly . Wish i could replace it with class 2 or 3 instead.


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I agree 100% but luckily S&S is kinda harder to tell what you wear/equip than a Souls game. I almost stayed with Tier 2 guns but the upgrade was just too tempting!
.. Y'know? I kinda like the gun. I think it looks cool.
This thing is as powerful as it is ugly. And I don't know if you've noticed, but it looks like a piece of modern art.
bruh this gun looks like it came straight out of bendy and the ink machine.
So i was disappointed with guns on my sword/gun playthrough I did. A lot of em felt weak, and the flint & Steel, while being powerful, was often way to slow to be practical.

THen I got this thing and laughed when I realised I was doing about 80 damage a shot without my dex being maxed. At about 50 dex on NG+ it felt like I was doing anywhere from 100-150, even more with buffs. It's solid! Maybe not the highest damage, but it has decent range and is rather spammable. And since guns get elemental buffs from whatever you buff em with, the damage is massively improved.
Downside is it being very heavy and you get it kiiiiinda late. But it's worth it if you're using guns.