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Two investigations in a row with gold rewards and no sac, you don't just get 1 for doing it like this article would have you believe.
It clearly says 12% chance from Gold Investigation rewards involving the monster. Keep trying!
read the loot table
5 investigations and no aqua sacs. none. had 2 gold 1 silver reward slots.
Are you making sure to do low rank cause i was doing high rank ones for days till i relized its from low rank lolol
Yo I got this***** first try wtf
You can just hunt it in an expedition and when you return there is a possibility of getting it
Make a 3 kirin armor mixes with tow legianas and capture dont kill you will get maximum rewards for that .. I got the sac in my third try
thank you
Kind of weird... I did two investigations with two gold boxes and one silver box but no aqua sacs yet. I guess it's just my luck .-.
Just did ONE expedition in a low rank wildspire wastes and got 2 Aqua Sacs in return for killing one Jyuratodus
So far I have only gotten torrent sac?


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you're hunting him in Low Rank?