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k now edit the page to where you cant buy exploding bolts anymore if they were sold in the first place. also tell me how to get them otherwise they need to take them out of the game because it wouldn't be hard to farm them or you shouldn't need to farm ammo at all.
Sold by Shrine Handmaiden after handing in Greirat's ashes after his third outing.
Ugh... OP af. It'd be nice if people just... Used crossbows every once in a while, instead of LITERALLY EVERY crossbow user being a freeaim exploding bolt cheeser... The only decent counter is a good shield and it's not like you're going to be turtling at all times... Literally just a cheese method, i love it when i'm destroying someone and they literally put away their entire fighting style to cheese me with these.
Are you dumb?
Sounds like you're just trash
Learn a counter they didn't change their attack style the accommodated to yours so they could win
Lol, if you're going to go through the effort of telling me to find a counter why don't you list one yourself? You like to talk like you're just, the voice of reason, but if you'd been paying any attention you would've seen that i actually DID post a countrr... a decent shield. Problem is, there are no reliable counters to it. Not even a shield, for the reason i stated abovee. Anyways, it's clear you'd rather just talk***** and tell me to do things i already did rather than bring up an actual argument or even advice... clearly because you like to use these chersy things. Why else would you take the time for such a useless response? Also, no, they aren't "adjusting to me" when they go the whole fight with something else and then switch to ONLY free aiming these... such a weak argument...
Crossbows are really crap and the arrows are impossible to hit
So much hate over a sensible, truthful comment. Spellcasters know better than anyone how horrific exploding bolt spam can be.
Ok boomer
Couldn’t you just roll it and attack while they’re doing the long animation of loading the crossbow? It’s not like we’re talking about a minigun here
Jun 11 2020 anon is a casual and has clearly never played against cbows lmfao
Force go BYE BYE
They really aren't that bad. Sure, they can be annoying, but I've never had any issues fighting exploding bolt avelyns, even as a spell caster and when using ultras, the bolts are easy to I-frame through and you can close the distance while they reload. It doesn't hardcounter almost everything like a murky hand scythe.
You are correct. Freeaim crossbow + exploding bolts is completely broken and anyone who does it is weirdly obsessed with winning in a fairly laid-back PVP community.



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I don't know why this got so much hate. The only counters people managed to come up with can only counter the players who don't know how to use the crossbow properly, reactive rolling only works if they fire the crossbow shot early, if they are good at reacting to what you do then they'll either hit you when you start and attack or roll catch you when you eventually roll like lightning arrow. Of course most the people who use them don't really know what they're doing or how to time a roll catch so you can make them slip up really easy but when you find someone who is good with a crossbow it ends up being two people waiting for the other to do something or slip up and it's the most boring thing ever.
Has anyone ever done exploding bolt with repeating crossbow
Yes, but it suck
yeah, unlocked it's good for finishing someone off in PvP. That's about the only use for it
Can players drop them to other players?
Avelyn + splintering bolts and explosive ones: OP
avelyn does no where near the damage of arbalest
Ah yes, the medieval Uzi Blunderbuss. Each shot fired increases your chances of receiving hate mail by 15%.
Don'tcha just LOVE IT When Hollows at Lothric Castle shoot these at you, THROUGH THE F*CKING WALLS? I LOVE IT! THANK YOU FROMSOFT!!! VERY COOL!!1!!