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I can't find the lady that gives me the charm. im HR 16 atm and still haven't unlocked it.
Is there going to be an update with the new iceborne charms?
Anyone know how to get the razor sharp charm?
You get it after a side quest given by the housekeeper cat. "Perfect home.: light metal" or something like that
How to upgrade it
This list is missing many of the 4-5 element charms



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can u give some names?
You're missing both Unscathed Charm II and III
Can anyone tell me which stuff is needed to unlock the Wyrmsbane charm? Need it for my elemental builds.
The AT Namielle & MR Kulve update added Attack Charm V and Evasion Charm V, which are not in this list
Master charm IV "Kulu Plume" is actually a "Colorful Plume". Normal Shots II "Jagras Mane" is actually a "Rugged Mane" Frost V "Guiding Coral Crystal" and Awakening III "Guiding Coral Dragonbone" are also inaccurate, they should be "Guiding Reef Crystal" and "Guiding Reef Dragonbone", respectably. (From PC version)
How to install Charm in a *****ing weapon I did it once and now forgot how!
Is decorations what you’re talking about? If so then go to smithy and scroll down to set decorations.. from there it should be self explanatory.
yeah just what he said on top of me. decorations are like gems that you can put on your armor, while charm is like gem on a string that you can wear it. HUGE DIFFERENCE DUDE!!!
Jeśli chodzi ci o urok to możesz go złożyć w skrzyni wyposażenia tak jak zbroję, broń i narzędzia specjalistyczne