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And while we are sweating while farming, Andre of Astora is forging and forging and forging tirelessly on such a sword AND NEVER GETS FINISHED!
He may go hollow if he did :)
He's forging Elden Ring.
hey to the spell fighters out there heres some advice ive gotten in my long time playing ds1, this build i call the "Eldritch Knight" Elite knight set +10, magic balder +10, grass crest, bellowing DCR and ring of favor and protection. add in logans catalyst and CSS/SS and you have a beast for O & S
I never go beyond the Parish without my pointy boi
It has E A scaling and you guys call it quality build why should I spend points into strength? This is not longsword darksword or sunlight straight sword try these weapons for "quality" build.
I was working on a new character and got invaded at SL19 in the Blighttown swamp. Guy was a twink with the painting guardian sword buffed with dark moon blade and also had wrath of the gods. I spaced him with my heater shield until he got done spamming WOG and his buff expired and then used the balder side swords amazing length to roll catch him and reversed all his back stab attempts. After defeating him I finally felt like I "got gud". Thank you invader for that rewarding victory.
To farm this fairly early first go to Andre glitch through sen's fortress using a speedrunner techinique called "sen's skip" after that go through the level (you can pick up large titanite shards and kill giants for chunks along the way) and pick up the covetous gold serpant ring (DO NOT REST AT BONFIRE YOU WILL GET STUCK) after that simply die/use homeward bone/darksign/homeward miracle and pop some humanity then you can farm this sword and even upgrade it to +10 if you kill capra even before gargoyles.
I have a 10+ balder sword and a 10+ uchigatana and the uchigatana deals more damage in average, but I read everywhere that this one is better... Why is that? What am I doing wrong?
Remember that in DS1 you can upgrade weapons all the way up to 15+
Raw damage isn't everything. Some of the best weapons in this game are weapons that don't deal the most damage of their weapon type, but make up for it with a better moveset or more range. This applies to the Balder Side Sword; it doesn't do the most damage of it's weapon type, but it has the longest range of all the Straight Swords and has a better moveset than the Longsword, a similar weapon with a great moveset.



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Well like that other guy said damage isn't everything... The moveset is very important. I'd say PVE they are quite similar but I think the Balder could be slightly more useful? idk in any case I think there are better weapons for PVE... Now PVP wise, they are both Top Tier weapons (among the absolute best), depends on how much time you spent learning them, but I think Uchi is slightly better on PVP.
Should i farm it early on or wait until i have proper farming gear?
Honestly it's a solid weapon if you like straight swords. It has good single stat scaling and if you want it early you can pop a few humanity's. Not gonna lie, it can take a while to drop even with the gold serpentring, symbolic avarice and +10 humanity. I swear this game can sense desire like no other.



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Imagine being a dex user and taking more than 1 hit to kill an enemy, how pathetic. Great club giga chads for the win.
Imagine using an attack to defeat an enemy.

Using summoned spirits like Pokemon for the win
In this game Greatclub is only good for 1 thing: backstabs.
Ha yes, the older brother of the LKSS