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Why does his great sword look like a pillow
i have a few tips for this guy
ok first BRING FLASH PODS when he is in his balloon state use a flash pod of try to mount him dont go for the tail go for the head poulomus are known for there hard tails and there SOFT fur on there heads so go for the head when he is in his sleep mode he will fire balls of sleep try to avoid them but if your going to be in tight spaces so bring energy drinks just when he stops in the air he is going to release a big cloud of sleep that CAN be spread around with his attacks but if you attack him with a long range weapon he will tumble down and fall asleep in his own sleep cloud thats when you do some serious damage ( one more thing there is an attack when he flies all around the battlefield all you need to do is just superman dive and you'll avoid it ) - Smart Guy
Holy Run On Sentence Batman!
i just love standing there with my useless hammer as it puts me to sleep then smashes my with its tail
N. Paolumu eats ants, just search on YT N. Paolumu eating
I like the look of the Nightshade Paolumu but one thing I hate is his scream. His scream sounds like he's eat a burger and water at the same time.
Purple balloon rat!
At least it can give the white Paolumu the nword pass.