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Hate this guy would fight the dancer again rather than Aldrich
cheap and unfair as hell
typical from soft *******
cheap and unfair as **** ****
typpical of from soft
im starting to hate these guys, all tgheir games are based on *******, not fair challenges
But... That's kinda the point of these games - at least the Dark Souls series. You're meant to feel defeated. You come across these "Soul of a crestfallen knight" or "Soul of a weary warrior". That's how all these unkindled end up because they cannot get past an area and how your character would end, if you simply gave up.

But you don't, because hey, you're the new Lord of Cinder, you're going to get through this.
Breezed through Aldrich like nothing on my dark sorcery pvp build.

Now, on my Sunbro pve faith build, I’m having such a difficult time.
Seeing the enemy vs enemy fights in youtube has created a newfound respect in me for Aldrich's absolute dps.
Resistant to bleed?! Can not confirm that. Inflicted bleed three times within 3-4 hits and down he went. I used Hollow Carthus Great-Curvesword, buffed it with Fire (since I thought carthus rouge wouldn't work). Man was this an easy fight!
My Stats at this point: 99 Hollow, 28STR, 28DEX, 38LUCK (43 with hollow weapon)



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Ikr bleed is more effective against Aldrich then it is against some of the bosses who are weak to it
did Aldrich steal nitos cloak the one he has reminds me of nito his spear is literally a gravelord sword on a stick its nice to see hes taking inspiration from are gravelord in lordran
he ate nito...
Does anyone know who speaks at the end of the fight ? Right before teleporting you to the dancer, the voice said "the princes are in your hands"
At first i thought the firekeeper was speaking but she wouldn't have the power to teleport you, is it the last words of gwyndolin?
i think that's emma, the one that gives you the small banner across from vordt's boss room, an she summons you once you've killed all three lords of cinder, an so won't if you haven't killed yhorm yet
Arrow attack sucks
IMPOSSIBLE to defeat with some builds or weapons, this is terrible design
ALL bosses MUST be possible to defeat with ANY and ALL weapons and builds
You just suck ***
Why don't you just use a different weapons for this fight.

I would actually say the opposite. A game that can be completed without changing your spec is kinda lame.



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Not impossible... no.

Some bosses are easier with certain weapons, others are harder. If a particular weapon or class of weapon is giving you a lot of trouble, consider switching weapons for this fight. Every weapon is supposed to have a strength and a weakness. Otherwise they'd just be purely cosmetic.

Builds are the same way. You can always re-spec your build if you think that would help. But I assure you that every build can kill every boss. The bosses are just designed to challenge different types of characters in different ways. That's not bad design. It just gives the game a variable difficulty and encourages replaying with different builds. Most people would call that good design.



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Oh... and you can also just summon in a player to help if you really are too stubborn to switch weapons or too impatient to figure out how to win with a bad one. The other player will probably be kitted out specifically for the boss, so you should win within 1-3 tries like that.

Then you can effectively skip the challenge and get back to playing to your build's/weapon's strengths again.
impossible to defeat with a claymore
what a piece of **** boss
stinks of bad design in every way
I Literally defeated the boss with my Refined Claymore+9, consider git gud.
I've beaten him with a broken straight sword and a regular axe on an SL1 run. You sucking doesn't make the boss a bad design. Git gud scrub
sorry but i did defeat him with a claymore, so in this case, unironically git gud
Let me just say that vow of silence alone does not turn this fight into a cakewalk. Been trying it out and it's pretty awkward to keep it active with all the teleports. If you manage to get it active, it usually only lasts for a single teleport. After that he can cast again, and if you try to recast, you'll often get one shot by his spells. So you need to cast it right as he's teleporting or you get pretty screwed.

Anyway it's a viable strategy by it's definitely not the cheese strat it seems like it should be
Okay after more tinkering with it it IS possible to make this strategy sort of cheesy, but it's not as simple as just casting it and whacking away. The timing is crucial. If you can cast it as he's teleporting in (returning) the length of time between then and when he'll teleport next lines up pretty well most of the time. He will likely still be able to cast occasionally, but I managed to beat him without him using anything other than those little orbs and his melee attacks. This strategy does require some effort but it can make the fight markedly easier. Just don't expect to win the first time you try it, there's still a learning curve on the timing and spacing.
Oh and one big thing to keep in mind is that the debuff will wear off. So keep that in mind when you're choosing a window to cast it. Because you can't recast until it wears off, and there are only so many windows to cast it without getting heavily punished.