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I hate the stick that's just always on your back if you aren't using the WA...
You can parry downward swing from the mini-scythe on the WA.
Love the WA!!! Viable build with Snap Freeze in PVE, haven't really tested in PVP yet!


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Not sure if it's been discussed already, but if you pair this with Crown of Dusk and Magic Clutch ring you get a significant boost to AR. A bit of a glass cannon but it wrecks in PvP.
clutch rings are **** in pvp.
I wish the magic dmg was dark instead, but honestly the thing that neuters this weapon is its dmg. Why they only have the magic affect the wa is beyond me, oh wait no it isnt, its bc from hates reaper class weapons
Well, Gehrman’s Scythe from Bloodborne is a pretty fun and powerful weapon to use
Yeah, since she's "Blackflame" Friede when we get her soul which we use to get the weapon, it actually should have some black flames with it. Would have been much better for my fashion souls too.
Swing swing swing swooosh
I like feet
We know, Miyazaki.
Who doesn't
For those having troubles with someone spamming the weapon arts r1, here's a way to counter. Parry. Have your shielded up, i highly recommend a small shield (My most preferred one is the Llewellyn Shield but any will do) but medium shields can do if you get the time right. Let the first hit land since its the small scythe which can't be parried. It will do minor damage and some frost build up. However right when the second scythe comes down immediately hit the parry button and punish them with a riposte. Second way is just straight poise through it. I hope this helps just don't time it too late or your basically screwed to a stun lock.
I would probably use this weapon more often if the constant high pitched frost twinkling noise didn't upset my tinnitus something fierce...
Man it's a good thing that only the frost attack nobody ever uses is the only bit of the weapon art that takes up FP, otherwise people might actually have to use more than 1 move.