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did fromsoft forget they already had grave wardens? logically something with this name should refer to agdayne & his crew but i guess they just don't exist anymore.
A grave warden is someone who polices the necropolis in making sure no one defiles the graves by digging them up or stealing from them. In Dark Souls two the grave wardens were the Fenito and Melfenito, who were created by Gravelord Nito to cause death and bring comfort to spirits of the dead. They’re around but they have no connection to the Grave Wardens in DS3.
So much of the dks3 base game has story issues that nobody can reconcile without understanding what was cut and snitched together so I would worry that much since there’slittle to understand
hardly much to tell.
*cornyx holds in sobs of not being mentioned by his pupil*
I can give this tome and Quelana's to Cornyx... What happens if I do? I haven't gotten Karla yet. I can't find any info on this.
He won't accept it. You have to give it to karla
Weird how this refers to Wolnir as a pyromancer but literally nothing else in the gameplay or his boss items reflect this.
His soul can be transposed into a pyromancy.
Carthus (the nation he ruled) had a whole tome's worth of pyromancies.
No wonder Cornyx couldn't decipher this thing. Look at those pages, who the hell binds books like that?