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where is ledo's
OH. . .I see.
Sorry. This wiki is Dark souls one.
Does anyone know what matchmaking rating this weapon puts you in?
A level 0 dragon tooth is equal to a +5 weapon upgraded with regular titanite.
am i the only one who noticed the dragon tooth hammer is too big to be the tooth of any dragon in the game???
so what ever dragon he killed is clearly op
making Havel the rock the doom guy of dark souls!!!
Lol u might be right
This weapon is great for dealing with the Silver Knights. (If you have enough strength) It will two shot them, so just rush it and spam R1/RT. It will stun them on the first hit as well, so no need to worry about counters, parries, etc. Just land that first hit, and stay out of the agro range of the other knights.
Sorry, I meant RB, not RT.
with 40 str, two hand a jumpng attack one shots them
Just parry lol doable with any melee weap
i wonder how he got the grip attached to that thing.. did he just jabb the tooth into it?
did he add more tooth material from another tooth to it?
made are dragon teeth made out of? if it is rocks, did he melt another smaller tooth or chunk of one to the other to get the grip?
Maybe dragons have convenient (inconvenient for them) teeth shape.
What about how he got the tooth?
^^ there's shaky lore for this
It's not the most powerful weapon in the world, but it's still a good weapon
I dislike the moveset, but it looks cooler than the other hammers
Um...I can do 1009 damage with 47 strength two handed so something is wrong here, or I got some.messed up modded addition so yeah me
Attack Rating and Damage Output are two different things
1009? I did it with sunlight blade perhaps you enchanted it with it??
What weapon did he use to kill the dragon he got this from?
He fisted him



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He plunge attacked the ancient wyvern