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I'm emebered I'm online and I revived Argo he still dosent spawn what do I do
A commenter previously mentioned that he wont spawn if you killed midir
God the fact that Ledo was going to have a unique and cool as **** looking armor set but it got scrapped is one of the stupidest things Miyazaki has done. Right up there with letting Ornstein's helmet go plume-less for as long as it did.
he only invades if you haven't killed midir
2-handed spotted whip R2s break his poise. I just walked backwards down the stairs hitting him at range while poison did its thing. Only had to dodge once or twice.
Jared Ledo
Storyteller Staff’s Poison Spores WA really came in handy. Aggro him out of the doorway and lure him to the ledge next to the stairs. Drop down to the nearest ledge, target him from below, and unleash the spores. Keep using the WA to keep his aggro up and let the poison do it’s magic.