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Can someone drop 1 ceramic coin for me at the crow because I forgot one and all I need is one more.
you cannot drop ceramic coins in online play or they will break and become useless.
So.. Impossible to get in ng?
u can if u sum a blue phantom friend and they drop 13 coins at snugly then the blue leaves and you pick them up they wont be broken, so just keep doing that till you have 26. idk if this is patched yet
Can anyone drop the 26 for me?
Dropping the coins breaks them. So no.
they wont break under the tree.
Can someone one invade me in island of storms so I can get ceramic coin in pure white? The code is named moon
At least the key stays after each new game cycle : 3
Got this in just over 16 hours! Level 17 full penetrator set w/ 2H penetrator sword and cursed weapon. That equip load though.
If there are something ****ing cool about the remake is the way they hidden this armor
I like the name though
Can you drop this set to trade?
Do you have the Boletarian Royal Set? (Bonus)
Can someone please trade me the armor set it would be much appreciated thank you. psn Ashgrave.
Got the armor but I can't drop it. It's greyed out. So you just gotta collect those coins, buddy.