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DE in the arena Alexander spawn alone and of course was really easy to kill. Where are my Malady / Windego / Red prince ???
Also Sadha attacked me after few lines of dialogue. No choice possible.
I was able to get Red Prince to spawn but no luck on Windego or Malady unfortunately.
So in order to get Windego, Malady, and the Red Prince to spawn; you need to make sure Alexander initiates dialogue with you. This didn't happen with me because I had the black cat summon on because of the nine lives gift bag, as Alexander kept initiating dialogue with the cat instead of me.
At level 19 on the DE, I got 74,925 exp each from Malady, Windego, and Alexander. None from the Red Prince.
If your summoner is someone other than the Red Prince and you want the dragonling for them; simply put on the shapeshifter mask and turn into a lizard before initiating dialogue with sadha. You'll get an option to breathe fire on the egg yourself during one of the dialogue choices.
it took so long for me to find out you had to remove the cursed fire... i thought you had to kill them all at once and it took so long.
To quote the anon a few posts down, if the red prince is not with you than the egg is on the square alter but invisible. Just breath fire on it and it'll hatch.

Also, if you move all of the other characters far away while you cast fire breadth, Sadha will only become hostile to the one character. Meaning you can run away, return with another character and claim the dragon without having to kill her. (You might have to nether swap her out of the view of the baby though. )
How you can get the dragonling in De Edition:

You can use the shapestifter mask to talk with Sadha. But for me it needed high persuation (just skill fane with high persuation before you enter the portal in arx). Important: Someone needs thievery lv5, the one who wants the dragonling needs high persuation and as i said the one who uses the shapestifter mask to talk with sadha too.

1. You go then in the portal, do the things you need (see the wiki page) and enter the next room (this one with the bridge and the lizards). Then you steal the key from this lizard in the middle. You give it fane and he alone enters the next room (unchain the rest of the group and leave it there).

if this lizards come to the thief and ask you because of the key, just do nothing and stay in the dialog. (if thief is fane you should have high persuation anyway)

2. As I said go to the next room with Fane and use the shapestifter mask and then you can talk with Sadha and after the talk just breath on the altar (you dont have to give her the swornbreaker) and the dragonling appears (and sadha attacks you - even if you gave her the swornbreaker).

But you "only" have to run away. You can do that in different ways:

a). use the mod fast forward toggle (its in the gift bag) and use the function to leave the fight (you have to be outside of sight). You can go then to arx back and just enter the portal again and walk back to the dragonling)

b). use the source-summoning skill which generates a portal. just set one end on the "hill" (there, where you came from) and the other end directly next to sadha. So you can use it in the first turn and you dont have to fear you get killed before you are out of sight.

And then you take of the shapestifter mask and use your skill to play death (which only have death charakters).

c). Run away out of sight, take of the shapestifter mask and use the play death skill. Because you are alone the fight will end directly, so you have to bee outside of their sight or the fight will start again.

(maybe d). There is this talent, which you can use to leave a fight. I think it's the same as you get with the fast sprint toggle mod. maybe this works too)

3. And then you walk back a little bit to sadha, but not to near otherwise the attack starts again (save before)

For me it was somewhere there, where the water was (at the "shore"). Wait there (dont go to near) and the dragonling will come to you and then you need again your high persuation and you will have it then.

3b) if your summoner is not fane, then you have to kill every one on the bridge, after you did step 2 and then go with this one to the dragonling. But make sure you have high persuation.

(It's possible, that sadha only will attack the one, which have breathed on the dragonling, so maybe of your summoner is not fane you can walk with another charakter straight there).

(if you attacked the lizards before you talk with sadha, she will attack you even as a lizard)

(When i used the fast sprint toggle mod and gave her the sowrnbreaker, she attacks me after breathing the dragonling, but after i came back she talk with me friendly and i could get the dragonling and be friendly with her. Dont know, if it also works, when you use Method b) or c) and give her the swornbraker. (l think not, i believe you have to enter this room again, maybe you can take the portal after you use Method b) or c) and come back then, as in method a))

Edit: Maybe the reason why i could talk with her, after i used the fast sprint toggle mod was not the swornbreaker. Maybe it was the fact, that i leaved the room and came back again. Because the other players which came after that were also not attacked by her. So maybe you have to leave through the portal and enter the room again. And the swornbreaker had maybe nothing to do with it.
one thing you guys should know: if you've gotten the swornbreaker before but gave it to almira and want to give sadha a swornbreaker, there's one in linder kemm's vault, in the deepest room. its a bit spoilery if all you want is a guide, but do that quest first to get a free swornbreaker and you'd be able to pass it off to sadha afterwards
For DOS2:DE, the spear could be stolen from Malady only inside the Dream Portal. You could not get it if you defeat her.

For DOS2: Classic. The spear would be dropped if you defeat Malady. IIRC the spear is not classified as an unique item in DOS2: Classic.