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- Confine Momentum
- Feast of Joy
- Raging March
- Weird Pot
Has anyone found any of these?
I submitted the location of Weird Pot in comments.

Feast of Joy and Raging March are part of the Twins quest. If you already started the quest with the other twin (got Starburst compass), you will not be able to collect all items unless you play NG+.
Life Debt (found in cemetry) and Power of Dizziness (Sewer of Estuary) not presented on page.
Which cemetery, before or after the ancient guard?
If anyone is looking for:
-Starbust Compass
-Poison of Hatred
-Raging March
-Feast of Joy
-Confine Momentum
head to https://vigilthelongestnight.wiki.fextralife.com/The+Twins
Breath of the ancient guard isn't on here, causes several blasts to go in front of leila
Does anyone know where to find Glowing Orb, Time Deviation and Wall of Wind?
I believe Time Deviation is in the lake area, directly left of the hunter house across multiple mantis platforms


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I hope this will help you finding the Glowing Orb. It is very useful in finding other secret areas

Thanks everyone :)
Glowing Orb in Miner's Path area, inside the big tree that occupy to the 3 level of the area, use the 2 cut tree for step and air dash to reach it.
Understood, thanks!


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Glowing Orb reveals secret areas and will help you find all the other items. It can be found in the Miner's Path; on the map it is directly above the Owl Statue of the Lower Mine Entrance. The Glowing Orb is hidden in the hollow of a large tree. Use the Recurve Bow or dash/air dash to reach it from the nearby tree stumps.
Poison of hatred appears to be missing
one Arcane, icon looks like a magic mirror, can fully cover physical damage for more than 15sec seem also missing here