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Is this in any way better than thief armor? From what I'm seeing, it has worse defense and weighs more lol
why the fuk did i pay for this shid lmao
The armor is exclusive to the digital deluxe edition.

Also it looks badass along with the Red Eye Knight armor, I’d say enjoy and have fun using them.
anyone not using this armor set, can you possible make a duplicate and drop it for me? psn is Ligma_Balze
I'm looking for the same if you can please do! JmontyAkaGambit
I don’t think the digital deluxe armors are droppable.



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So I assume you have to start a NEW character to get these bonuses? I just got the digital deluxe edition and have some characters that are just at the Nexus and they don't have the items now.

Why the HECK can't we delete characters yet either? This is ridiculous. I don't want to create and have to keep a ton of characters! No way to delete them if they were a mistake?
There’s no way to delete individual save files as far as I’m aware. You will have to start a new character to see the digital deluxe items unfortunately.
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