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Is this the first Pay2Win opportunity in a Souls game?
Well you get a lot of starting Souls 2 armor sets and some materials for Deluxe Edition, but it would take the fascination out of Souls to even use it. I surely is helpful for newbies but i guess it is just an easier start for some and Nothing more. There will surely be better Armor or it will be also found in the world itself so you have to grind it out.
I surely won´t buy it cause i want the full frustrating experience of a Souls title.
It could also be too heavy to use without fat rolling like the knight set you can get in the starting class in ds3. You'd have to wear some or none to roll/move normally. The extra souls/materials you get in the deluxe edition could also screw you over. If you get invaded by people with the same soul level/weapon level who had more time getting used to the game normally vs someone who literally just picked it up with the deluxe edition. Assuming invading will have the same rules from other souls games.
I mean from of the look of the stats, its still beaten by the Fluted and Mirdan set which can be obtained via starting classes, the scythe and ritual blade cant be upgraded either and are ok. The Digital Stuff doesnt really change much other then fashion. Only thing thats op is getting the Legendary Soul that gives 10k souls.
The fluted set is better but the mirdan set weighs like 500 pounds and the extra protection can be gained with lighter armor sets
I really hope that we get more new armor, weapons & shields in the base-game than just this.
Aka Penetrator
Aka Tower Knight as well
They also have the rest of the fat official set (the hat was actually in the original)
So, is this also going to be available in-game?
I do like the look of this armour set but i would rather NOT have to pay an extra 20 bucks on top of the SEVENTY i already have to for the base game..........
Nope only for Digital Deluxe Edition.
You cant pick this up in the World.
Its a shame...
This is is exclusive, however I and many others have found a piece of the blue eye knight armor in game which is basicly identical except for the obvious blue eyes
But the Blue Eyed Knight Armor is just not as cool as the Red Eye Knight Armor.

Red Eye Knights in game are of a higher rank and more powerful than Blue Eye Knights as well.
Its a shame that there are 2 Armorsets and 1 Weapon as exklusive items within the digital deluxe edition.
They deserve a **** for this (Sony or Bluepoint, whoever thought it would be a good idea to put such items behind a paywall in a Souls-Game)
You’re literally a *. Go back to reddit and cry.
Says the one who cant come up with arguments and just insults ppl.
pay to win BS
Not really considering there are 2 starting classes with better armor
More like pay to get rickrolled. Armor and shields are mostly trash in Souls games. Rolling, parry/riposte, and BS are where it's at.
To the second anon, shields are amazing in demons souls, except in some pvp situations, but yes, armor is useless. The blue eye knight armor is the same except it’s $20 cheaper and it looks a bit different.
I wouldn’t say pay to win, but if you can afford to spend extra for some nice looking and exclusive armor sets, you might somewhat enjoy the game a little more. The digital deluxe edition armor sets are badass looking.
These stats can't be true. You're telling me the Knight's Set (Fluted) is better than the Red Eye Knight Set and the Wizard's Set is better than the Boletarian Royalty Set? Both armor sets are trash if these stats are true....
Well its good the way it is.
Morons that pay for it and encourage Studios with this dont deserve better^^
It would be p2w anyway...in a freaking Souls-Game...
i'm pretty sure that the pre order bonuses are for cosmetic effect rather than being an actual weapon. if they were upgradable and worth half a damn than everyone at bluepoint would be burnt alive by angry fans.
I don’t think armor is upgradeable in the game anyway.
does anyone know where the BLUE eye knight HELM is?
Boletarian Palace 1-1( Gates of Boletaria). You need pure white tendency of the world to go where Executioner Miralda is, it's near the cliff behind rock or something like that
thank you so much I thought so, I'm getting a PS5 next year probably. and I wanted to know this.
We're down to 4 preorder/deluxe edition items that actually are exclusive. The rest have been found in the game in more rewarding ways than just starting with them. I wonder if we can find the rest?

Ideas to test for those who actually have Playstation 5s:
Has anyone tried holding off on picking up the "blue eye knight" armor pieces until the world they're in reaches pure black tendency?
You have probably already found out on your own, but no, PBBT doesn't change the pieces you get.
I got the deluxe edition and still didn’t get the red eye armor
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People crying "pay-to-win" even though the stats are literally the exact same as Blue-Eye Knight set.
I guess it is unlucky for those who like fashion then
The stats are exactly the same, but the Red Eye Knight Armor just simply looks more badass and in game Red Eye Knights are higher ranking and more powerful than Blue Eye Knights.