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Режим хардкора не имеет смысла из-за багов в игре. Например, ты застрял в текстурах, босс застрял в текстурах. Так же можно случайно провалиться, тупо не успеть в некоторых миссиях (охрана к примеру). Единственное, что даёт шанс всё-таки выжить при таких минусах игры - это напарник. Играть на харде можно только максимальным количественным составом игроков, где при косяке в игре напарник тебя позже вернёт, т.е. эдакая страховка.
Hardcore is super easy to complete on normal difficulty
Ran with a summoner setup. Soul Link and Soul Anchor, constant heals from summons, just play it safe and let them do the work. Ruin rifle plus Ezlan's Band for the auto revive. Early game is easy with Ex-Cultist set and the dog summon.


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Someone want to Play hardcore on ps4 add me. Psn login : AloneAsAGod69
I love the irony in someone called "Alone" asking for someone to play with. ♥
Hardcore is a joke. Was never difficult at any point...
Probably played on Normal difficulty



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I made a mistake during play and died stupidly in Corcus. I play on PS4 though so i just redownloaded by character data from the day before and didn't lose any progress, only some trait levels. This actually reloaded me at the last crystal before i died due to world data being saved separately so i guess i lost out on some Purple items i might have found too. Anyway you can cheat death this way as long as you make sure to frequently upload character data to online save storage.