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Soul Link is listed as Base Game. Don't you need the DLC to get it?
Black Cat seems bugged. Got every miniboss down 2 times/each and still no reward
How do you exactly define "reloads over time" when using Provisioners ring? Like how long will my fusion rifle (50 magazine) reload when stowed? O_o
One bullet at a time, Not sure how fast, but on ruin its like 1 bullet per second. I'd Imagine it varies based on the weapon type.
Fast. The more bullets in the magazine the faster reload over time it gets. Ring works best with large magazine weapons
Larger magazine is faster. Pretty awesome with bandit set. I like to use sawed off and regular shotgun.
Игра в режим выживания очень долго боссов 200 или 300 убил и мне не дают белую розу
Bright steel ring, Blue cat band and the white rose ring can now be obtained from the mute bandit in Ward 13