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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

This game is lame, I’m completely bored after 2 weeks, all the makers scream for is more money, which goes nowhere once u hit lvl 20, basically after lvl 20 you need to spend £99.99 to get to the next lvl, god only knows how much it costs after 22. If you wanna play purist, well, u can’t, unlocking certain things, like the mythic forge, costs £99.99, ridiculous, a glorified chat room, to the makers, stick it where the sun don’t shine!!!
Uhh... I think you're on the wrong Wiki.
yeah! I looked ALL OVER this game for the Mystic Fjord! it cost me 71M Rupees!! Then the devil lopers had, like, 41 boss forms! the last one was IMMUNE to slippery banana and only dropped 3 magic beans!! I cant even glare at trolly poles for bravo spinsters for the next big dance in time!
um i think your talking about the moble game this is the game that is one ps4 and pc not the moble one so if you want to complane about it go to the page for the moble version
2017 guy is an obvious troll, the game is nothing like what he describes.