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Fiery Wrath, Fiery Presence, and all the basic Paladin abilities. Burning Hands, Scorching Ray, and Fireball for spells. Seriously, this is a super OP Paladin. You could just stat Dex, Con, Cha. Take the Creed of Misaye feat to gain proficiency on Dex saving throws, and +1 Dex. Then, walk in to a room, let the enemies surround you and cast Fireball on yourself. Pop a pot, and Lay-on-hands yourself while you send in the clean-up crew. I haven't tried it but bet it would work. This is a seriously OP Paladin. I used it in my first play through but was stated for Str. You can purchase 2 shields and use a shield with Javelins for the added AC. Then, switch to Long-sword. Did I mention the Fireball!
Why do spells for all of the Paladin oaths show Level 3, Level 5, Level 5? Shouldn't they be Level 3, Level 5, Level 9?