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This weapon looks dope.
I just wish the DLC weapons were more than just a damn reskin + fire damage smh. This looks cool but I mean all it is is the Queenslayer GS with fire damage lol.
It's not though? Sure you can argue against it being a reskin by appearance but the stats are completely different, and despite its appearance it has no fire damage.
It has a fire damage buff. That's pretty neat. Still, the stats make this pretty viable.
charged heavy buffs the weapon with fire like propaned gs in ds3
It's the 'Profaned' Greatsword. But your name is better.
a great sword with no stat scaling besides dexterity. What blood code can even use this 80 pound beast without Revenant's Ambition to increase the weight!
probably hades
Japanese don't use pounds. Though if it was kilos it would seem unrealisitc but hey they are not human.