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Anyone figure what to do with this???
Not sure, but there is one more. The Dried Serpent Viscera. How did you get this? According to the old lady, you need to get across the chasm. Did you cross it?
i've beat the game, then i go to the inner sanctum to meet the female miko (who gives you rice), shes kinda unwell, then she asked about persimmon, read the description of viscera, "it looks like persimmon", so i guess it has something to do with the female miko


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It's most likely for an alternative route / or ending ( the child in the inner sanctum mentions a persimmon and the serpent hearts look like persimmon. )
I finally found it's usage, it's for an alternate ending. SPOILERS: --------------------------------------> After Kuro gets kidnapped again, before fighting with Isshin if you go to Inner Sanctum and talk to the child, and comeback later, you'll see that she is not there, she is in the spirit realm with the monkeys. If you talk to her there she will tell you about an alternate to severance of immortality. Both visceras are for that.
Good to know. I had them both on my first playthrough I just finished, might try for this alternate on my NG+ game.
OK I killed the serpent, got this, then fell off the edge into the water. How do I get back to that ledge? I can see an item there and it's driving me mad!
same***** here, what the item is here? or any route ahead?
yea I did the same... there's no way to jump there again and catch any branch :/ I don't know what items I lost. Is there anything importnant?
Its just a balloon, jizo statue and dragons blood droplet
I fell off that ledge Just the same as you, immediately qui the game and relaunch it will bring you back up, but you get only one chance to do this
is it not then in your box at the temple?
Same happened to me on that *****ing broken bridge...
Nothing important luckily. Don’t worry bout it. But yeah it seems there’s no way back
Homeward idol
This is removed upon entering NG+.
Where is the rat? I don't see him there.
If you are here since the serpent did not show up on the mountain when looking down from the plank at Sunken Valley Cavern (and you are sure you have followed other steps correctly), there is an unaddressed bug that may cause this. When you encounter the Snake at Gun Fort Bridge, if you happened to go into the water before you run far enough across the bridge for the snake to cut it, the level will still progress normally, but without this trigger, the snake will not appear atop the mountain. You can return to Gun Fort idol, run across the bridge so that it snaps, and then use the Homeward Idol to eject out of there. Upon return to Sudden Valley Cavern, it will now show up.
Not necessarily true. First time I reached the bridge and jumped off the cliff, to the right, to grab an item iirc. Was trying to grab everything before progressing. Serpent attacked me, I crossed the water into the passage leading to the next idol, traveled back to the previous one to try and cross the bridge to see what was beyond it and found it already broken. Must've happened when the Serpent swooped down.

Serpent was there to get deathblown afterwards