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Is this sold by merchants? Doesn't seem to be by mine.
Sold by The Three merchants
For those who want to try, I already did. This is NOT permanent, it lasts just for a little while...
Little reference to Demon's Souls in the description.
Someone pointed out that in the page about venomous blade that elemental damages buff gain a 2.25 multiplier when applied to a weapon with the same element. I loved this idea, because it would make elemental weapon actually not trash. So I tested this with pitchfire, it seems to work similarly.

I tested this on the T5 arbalet with fire damages. The stats were the following.
- Physical damage : 9 base -> 20,6 (dex scaling)
- Fire damages : 9 base -> 9.5 (mag scaling)

I shot a rotten walker in NG+, I got the following :
- No buff : 33 dmg
- Shockstone : 43 dmg
- Pitchfire : 55 dmg

Even though I have more damages that I should have (but it was the same with any other weapon, calculations work if I add 10% to base damages), it clearly shows that indeed buff get a CRAZY multiplier when applied to a weapon of the same damage type. Note that it is not explained by elemental resitance, a non elemental weapon would get the same damages with both pitchfire and shockstone.
EDIT : I just noticed that the 10% damage increase that I had with every weapon probably came from the blacksmith. Taking that into account, all my calculations are coherent with those observations.

So there is a 2.25 multiplier when you buff an elemental weapon with the same damage type (I guess it works the same for holy/lighting/poison). It makes elemental weapons WAY stronger than I expected.