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I was trying to Co-OP yesterday and got summoned by Monk instead. I got tired of waiting for host, plus I wasn't in the mood to make a dude's life harder, so I quit out. I thought maybe it would give them an easy win, or at least easier fight than me. I hadn't progressed thru the Tower of Latria at all, but when I returned to my world, all items were looted, both Idol & Maneaters were MIA and all stones were activated....WTF? I just got PS5, I havent heard of this, but I assume this is known glitch? This was after 1.004 update as well...I'm so salty, I know I can just go to new game plus. but that whole level was robbed from me on first play thru, I feel violated, haha. Previously, when things like this went sideways i would revert to the previous day's back up save, but apparently my PS5 wasnt doing that...I have been avoiding rest mode because of the stories regarding total system failure, and powering down at night...does this prevent auto upload to storage? I manually uploaded save data last night and it is sitting on the cloud now, like it should have been yesterday when I ran into this glitch...oh well, time for new play thru 2.0.
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I do it every time and haven’t had it glitch. Maybe game was patched before I started it a couple weeks ago.


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I didn't have any glitches either



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The only logical explanation is that it saved the other person's progress into your account, but given that the quit game option doesn't save anything that doesn't make very much sense.