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You left out a lot of bosses and completely messed up drop loot seriously I bet you haven’t played Bloodborne wannabe
There are different folders for Great One bosses, Chalice Dungeons bosses and DLC bosses, and the loot drops include chalice dungeon drops, so don't blame the one who made the went trough the work of making this list for your lack of knowledge... Bloodborne wannabe
I could have sworn there were more bosses, what happened
There are. They are listed in different folders because they are either great ones, chalice dungeon bosses or DLC bosses
I could have sworn father gascoigne was week to fire too or maybe that's just because it's early game
Bunch of comments here talking about how there isn’t the complete boss list, yet there’s a section for other types of bosses on this exact page.
Is there a reason the quick checklist is riddled with typos?