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I thought he was a cool character until he wanted to hurt da queen! We could argue all day about whether the church or the vilebloodes were at fault for the war between them, but there is no disputing that his only goal in the entire game is genocide, queen annalise posed no threat to anyone by herself, but he specifically requests you help him find her so he can brutally murder her, just let the war die man
I mean he technically did end the war
The covenants of the Executioners and Hunter of Hunters hereby charge you with the crime of simping, and death by Burial Blade.
He just wanted to... smash
Bloodbornes version of solaire.

Not quite, check out Valtr. He's the Solaire of BB
Why is the gold helmet worth 60,000 Blood echoes?
Maybie Because its made out of ****ING GOLD
best bolt defense in the game
Why is it always assumed that Alfred killed himself? Theres really no evidence of this, and yet it is echoed constantly by the fandom. For all we know, he was killed by someone. Perhaps assassinated by a surviving vileblood? Regardless, the assumption that he committed suicide is unfounded. Whats more, the idea that he would do so in order to become a martyr is categorically wrong. A martyr, by definition, is someone who dies for others. Alfreds suicide benefits no one.
Thank you, I keep seeing this and it makes absolutely no sense. Suicide is the exact opposite of what a martyr would entail. Furthermore, I do not see that he is near “collapsing” which is the only other reason listed for suicide. I don’t agree with this assumption made to be fact.
He has the hilt if a weapon grasped with both hands with the blade of the weapon disappearing into his waistline. He’s drenched in blood in his lap and chest area, but not his legs, back, or feet (unlike when we saw him last). Admittedly you have to look cery closely to see it, but all the evidence we do have make it appear he committed seppuku
Look at the hat/weapon — a classic Gavlan reference