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Much better boss than Friede, difficulty is not everything.
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blood laser is kinda *** to dodge tbh
Get in as close as possible and get behind it.
Impales herself several times with her blades, loses gallons of blood and is not damaged in the process. I love From Software's Boss Logic.
You only just noticing this game doesn't make sense?
Well, if the good lady died prematurely of blood loss, it would be a very short fight.
Given that her throat has already been slit and she's laying in a pool of her own blood when you find her, I think she's beyond the point of worrying about extra blood loss. You might as well complain that TVs aren't a realistic way for the ghost from Ringu to travel, or that Jason Voorhees makes no sense because mentally handicapped children who drown don't REALLY come back as immortal machete-wielding zombies.
*cough* she’s a vileblood *cough*
If FS had given the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst a boss health bar and had a song composed for him, he could have replaced Maria's function as a boss encounter easily and we could've gotten something more original here. The dlc already has a filler boss (Living Failures) and rehash (Laurence) and Maria is kind of filler tbh. But I know, I know, these lore bosses aren't meant to be challenging. For instance, I find Nashandra to be an interesting character, although her boss fight is very easy. Same goes for the Moon Presence in this game.
And of course, this is all subjective and only my opinion. I hope we can be adults about this.
I'm not really sure what you mean by "more original." An NPC hunter... more original than the dual-weilding, fireblood-slinging giant swordswoman? I mean, either way, both are extremely susceptible to parrying.

I do think they should've made the fight a little more consistent, at least. Sometimes I kill her before she even hits phase 3, other times she's vastly more aggressive and mops the floor with me.
The Crow could've had the fire and blood attacks too, easily. Take those and the song away and Maria's just an npc hunter fight.

It's hard to put to words what is it exactly that bothers me about the fight. Something makes it feel "off" and unsatisfying to me. For one, her song goes too hard from 0 to 100 and that to me, feels like it's trying to give the fight a false sense of importance. It's a very well composed song, it just doesn't fit her imho.

As an aside, I don't find her boss fight as is bad. Those awards go to some of the chalice bosses.

It's not like her entire character would need to be removed, just her function as a boss enemy. Maybe she could've replaced Simon or even accompanied him. Then is she/they survive the attacks by Braedor, they'd join the fight against OoK. Maybe she's in cahoots with Braedor and attacks the pc and Simon if they both/one of them get down to half health during one of the attacks.

Or keep her as a boss, but add/change things.
At the end of the fight, the pc could either execute or spare her (drawing parallels to what Gehrman offers the pc). Maybe you'd need the Burial Blade to have that option to begin with. If spared, she could go through the hamlet with the player, trying to justify the raid to herself and the pc. Or if that's too talkative, maybe just add a summon sign for OoK, if she's spared. Maybe tie the summon sign appearing depending on whether the player retrieves Rakyo or not.

OR remove the Living failures as a boss encounter and make them possible minions for the Maria fight, kind of what can be done in Eleym Loyce in DS2. Halfway through the fight, when Maria is weakened and tired from battle, the curse of Kos overtakes her; transforming her into something else, giving her a totally new moveset. The player could study the moveset by letting her wail on the living failures.

Just some thoughts; this post is already too long so I'm gonna stop here.
(anon from first reply) Those certainly aren't bad ideas, but I do think the focus with Maria was less the challenge but, as you said before, the lore. Not even that, necessarily—the fight is designed to make an impression, which I think it does strongly? Not a beast or elevated being, but just you and another hunter, albeit one of vastly superior skill, and whose very purpose as a comforting saint has been cast aside to act as a steadfast knight. That's likely why she feels more like an NPC, after all. To me, I think involving any other characters in her battle would detract from the significance of her place in the story. I hardly think she would accept compatriots given her will to hide the secret of the nightmare.

I can't really say anything to argue my opinion of the music since that's entirely up to opinion, but I think it at least captures her desperation. After all, she despises sanguimancy, yet resorts to it in a last-ditch effort to stop you. It even matches with her more aggressive grunting and shouting, which seems uncommon even for Souls characters. There's sadness, fear, and anger all at once.

Bloody Crow is... okay, I guess? I just always bait his dash attack and riposte until he dies lol, so he's not exactly a challenge once you figure out how to exploit his AI. He also has the least backstory out of the entire game, if he's even anything more than a conjuration of Eileen's psyche.

But thank you for clarifying, it's still good to hear others' interpretations. At least Friede kind of fulfills some of these proposals in DS3.
I don't think putting a simple NPC as a boss is a good idea. Just look at Halflight.
(OP here) I know y'all realize that the Crow could've easily been programmed with a more complex AI, just like Maria was, so I don't get why you keep going on about it. I guess the point's being intentionally obtuse? Anyhow, my point was that we didn't need another hunter fight - there already was enough of those in the game (poorly balanced ones, but still) and nothing they made could've topped Gehrman for me. Him and Eileen got the 'tragic hunters' angle already covered, we didn't need more of the same. But I reckon FS would've gotten s h i t for not having a hunter boss in a dlc named 'Old Hunters', so they put in Maria. And just to make sure we don't need to waste breath on the obvious, I'll quote myself from the OP: "And of course, this is all subjective and only my opinion. I hope we can be adults about this." Dear reader, have a good one wherever you are.
*Lady Maria whispers in your ear* “ you got a small pp”



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This boss gave me MAJOR PTSD from the first 2 times I killed her, but now I understand how to beat her
idk why i even trust this wiki so much **** info threaded cane does not stunlock her she just **** me with a combo right through the cane
Why the **** does she have 3 unreactable attacks? Her triple thrust combo becomes almost instant in 2nd phase (and so does the very occasional single-arm thrust), and the second spin she gets in 3rd phase - NOT ONCE have I managed to dodge it in over like 200 times I fought her. Literally the only bloodborne enemy I'm having such trouble with.
Never thought I’d be the one to say this, but.. Git gud. Her fight isn’t that hard if you know how to dodge and parry properly.
Best boss in the game alongside Ludwig