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Just finished the Forbidden Woods and have one so far. Can I use/consume them as I acquire them or do I need to wait until a specific point?
You can use them whenever, just make sure you have consumed all 3 before the fight with Gehrman, the First Hunter.
Love how there’s 4 one thirds of an umbilical cord
Beneath the lighthouse hut in the Fishing Hamlet, just before Orphan of Kos, there are giant snail shells embedded in the walls, floor, and ceiling. However, unlike the shells of the snail women, these have prolonged segments that give them an appearance unusually similar to the Third Umbilicals.

By the way, the depression at the center of a gastropod/cephalopod's whorled shell is also called the "umbilicus."
Hey it's ya boy again, I think I just discovered something else. Regarding all the allusions to sound throughout the game (blood echoes, Oedon, plip plop, baneful chants, etc.), it got me thinking about... uh, ears. Well, lo and behold, a human cochlea has the same shape as the One Third Umbilicals. If you find a pic of a dissected cochlea (it's surprisingly not gross!), the resemblance is uncanny, minus the little eyes and the fact that it's composed of negative space. Maybe the umbilicals are like fossilized cochlea retaining some sort of... whispered secret? Dooope if true
Oops, me again, found another weird coincidence: "cochlea" is derived from the Greek word for "snail's shell."


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Have you read the Uzumaki manga by Junji Ito. Check it out because it did inspire a lot of Bloodborne's Fishing Hamlet area along with Shadow Over Innsmouth. In Uzumaki, there's this town that is insanely obsessed with spirals. Not to spoil too much, but there's a lady in the manga that is so afraid of spirals that she wants to remove the cochlea from her ears when she sees it on her doctor's medical anatomy diagram.
Had no idea you could bing people to oden chapel until after rom so missee that cord and didint know that the lady at the clinic was hostle before you killed rom and killed her two because i didint know she droped a cord so there goes getting the burial blade in ng.
Chastity belt
Lightly roasted and refined with a pinch of rosemary, these things taste really good.
Anyone have an Umbilical Cord to spare? For some reason the nun killed the **** and I killed Iosefka because she attacked me when I entered her clinic for the first time
Wow, you managed to mess up both encounters. Impressive.