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Ornstein is a illusion in ds1 he’s busy at archdragon peak in his new form the king of storms serving his true master the nameless king the first born of gwyn
I just beat these guys solo. The strategy that I used was to hide from Ornstein behind the pillars while I was trying to take out Smough. Smough seems to be vulnerable to lightning, I used a lightning Claymore to kill him fast, Ornstein is resistant to lightning though. Fighting Ornstein is more simple, just stay under him and most of his attacks are easier to dodge, just be careful of his AOE because he hits hard.
I like to think that these two are like good buddies, so my first time fighting them and killing Smough first I imagined Ornstein being like, “Don’t worry my friend, your death will not be in vain! Feel our combined wrath, evildoer!” And then we fought I won, all in all it kinda made me sad to kill them, and to this day they are my favourite bosses.
Really? I think a lot of people like Sif the most given her background and that she is a cute big doggo, not judging or anything just that I hated these two they were one of the few bosses I had difficulties with.
Ya I’ve heard some things about her, I just got remastered a few days before that comment above and I’ve heard it has the dlc included and that Sif and Artorias play big roles so once I finish all that I might change my mind, just here brushing up on the game cause I haven’t played it in years so just going over a few things and then thought of old Ornstein and Smough and decided to check them out.
I don't see what's hard in this boss, I beat them on my second try on my first playthrough (maybe because I played DS3 first)
Oh my god the dogs in the Capra demon boss fight pissed me Off I did like 15 tries to kill him, the dogs are the real boss for me ;(
I also beat them after a second try on my first play through, I had to fight Super Ornstein and the main reason I died the first time was because the guide doesn’t truly prepare you for how much stronger they get, I thought he’d get a decent boost in his stats, not that he’d have his stats doubled or tripled. Second time I was more prepared and had only slight. Difficulties beating them.
I tried doing the fight so that I’d end up against Super Ornstein, holy **** man, I knew that he’d get more powerful but if you don’t see it for yourself you can’t imagine, he went from only being able to deal less than 1/4 of my health in one hit to over half in one hit after he got stronger.